Maximize your time spent on revenue-producing activities in your respective area of expertise. Planning marketing strategy, project and campaign execution, and tracking results will pull you away from what you do best!

Project Areas



You are the coach calling the plays. We can supplement your team with additional skills and resources to implement the tactics. If you need a permanent teammate, we can recruit the best players to make your goals a reality.

project Areas



You have identified your needs, created the strategy and now need a tactical project concierge to execute and manage the details on time and on budget. Seasoned and skilled virtual professionals wear many hats.

project areas



Increase your efficiency, by doubling or tripling what you are able to accomplish in the same amount of time. Outsource repetitive tasks and simple projects. An accurate clock has a third hand, do you?

project areas


Maitri Meyer speaking at the 2017 International Conference on Advanced Marketing in Sri Lanka.


Marking content and strategy needs to be created before it can be distributed via various channels such as digital marketing.  Our professionals are skilled in nearly every aspect of marketing and communications. Here is a sampling of project areas we have completed:

Business Development

Sales managers and professionals want to focus on revenue producing activities, but collateral needs to be created, follow ups need to be sent and organizing prospect data is crucial.  Our professionals have experience in all of these tasks and more: 


Creative Staffing Services

The talent shortage is affecting organizations of all sizes and types.  Creative staffing arrangements such as outsourcing freelancers, temporary help, part time positions, job sharing, volunteers and remote home offices have become the norm.  

High turnover is an additional complexity.  Good talent is lured away, taking their experience, knowledge, contact network and your training with them.

In addition, the time it takes to find, screen, rank, interview, hire, train and on-board talent has increased due to market and regulatory conditions. Let us help you with some of the following tasks:

  • Employee Recruitment/On-Boarding
  • Volunteer Recruitment/Coordination
  • Membership Recruitment, Renewals & Retention
  • Vendor Evaluation & Bidding Management
  • Service Provider Selection & Contracting
  • Virtual Orientation & Training Development


Business generalists


Fractional Experts for Staff Augmentation

Organizations like yours always have miscellaneous projects that don't fall under a specific teammate's defined role. 

At best, they end up diluting their productivity trying to learn and manage something they are not good at. At worst, they become resentful.  

Hand off the project implementation to a seasoned business concierge instead. The project areas are endless, here are just a few ideas:

  • Fractional COO, CFO, CMO, VP Sales, Legal Counsel roles
  • Operational Efficiency Audits and Process Improvement
  • Sales team training
  • Workflow Creation, Documentation
  • Event Management
  • Program and Project Management
  • Proposal/RFP/Grant Writing
  • Webinar Creation
  • Presentation Creation and Delivery

Extra hands

"All Other Duties as Assigned"

Do you know what needs to be done, have the skills to do it, but just don't have the time to get it done?  Is your to do list growing longer instead of shorter?  Have you volunteered to do something and later realized you over-committed? Do you wish you had competent extra hands you could hire on an as-needed basis for one-time or on-going tasks?

This is where our virtual professionals come in "hand"y! Talented bandwidth for hire through our hub of independent contractors.