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We are your business staffing gap management resource

 Every business has gaps in business expertise or bandwidth, reducing its overall productivity. The time it takes to recruit, screen, contract and oversee independent contractors stretches the organization even thinner. Think of us as your freelancer hub of experienced business professionals on-call.

When you need administrative help, you call a temp agency. When you need strategic business advice, you hire a consulting firm. Who do you call when you need skilled business professionals that are tactical implementors to fill your business expertise and bandwidth gaps

Actually DONE Virtual Professionals!



Who do We Serve?

We serve diverse, international clients seeking reliable completion of their mission-critical projects. It is important our clients believe in the triple bottom line: People, Planet & Profits. 

"Capitalism can be used for the betterment of humanity!" Marianne Williamson

Organizations of all types and sizes: Any organization that has a gap in expertise (don't know what or how to do something) or a gap in bandwidth (don't have enough hands to get it done!)

Top Industries: Sustainability, Holistic Health and Personal/Spiritual Growth- focused organizations are the bulk of our clients. We do our best to leverage our virtual professionals' skills to improve the planet, people's bodies, minds and hearts.

Individuals:  Nearly all professionals are involved in volunteer service and have this line at the bottom of their job descriptions: "All other duties as assigned". Tasks that fall outside the primary scope of work start to stack up....that's when outsourcing project-based expertise makes sense.

Would your organization run more smoother if those extra projects were Actually DONE?


Featured Client Testimonials

JLanka Technologies Marketing Director

Jlanka Technologies logo

 Actually DONE provides all the skills we need to get our marketing projects, “actually done” at our Sri Lankan solar company.  They have successfully completed several projects to date including:  An online presence review, website strategic recommendations and textual edits, case study writing, ghost blogging, presentation creation and more.  In fact, the founder even came to Sri Lanka to train our sales, project management and financing teams for a week.

Soul Recovery Motivational Speaker

Soul Recovery/Ester Nicholson book cover

We have found the Actually Done team to be a fantastic addition to our efforts to make a significant contribution in the area of addiction and dependence. Their work with us required intelligence, resourcefulness, perseverance and heavy lifting to open new areas of business development and we are so grateful. We would recommend this company to anyone interested in making the most out the opportunities that present themselves. 

Audubon Society Executive Director


Actually DONE promised  and successfully delivered a 150 volunteer workforce for our annual art fair.  They developed new systems for contacting volunteers, organized check in and training, attacked the job with enthusiasm and completed the task ahead of schedule.

WI Biofeedback Society President


Actually DONE has phenomenal organizers attentive to all aspects of our organization.  They are timely, pleasantly persistent, conscientious, and well in tune with our group's mission, vision, and members. The true added value is their "priceless" attention to the ongoing flow of the organization, making them partners, not just consultants.

The Blanchard Institute Operations Director

The Blanchard Institute logo

We had an unexpected staffing gap in our marketing department. Actually DONE came in reviewed the files, technology, projects in progress and not only picked up the pieces within our original deadlines, but also organized and improved our systems and processes.

Ecopower Energy President

Ecopower Energy Logo

 Actually DONE helped our commercial solar construction company recruit solar installers in the state of NY.  They created the position description, posted it online, received all applications, phone screened based on our requirements and provided a spreadsheet ranked by qualifications. Ecopower Energy USA was greatly pleased with the work “actually done”! 

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We are a virtual professional services firm that exists to complete planet-improving projects.  Our services are provided virtually to allow our professionals the freedom to live where they are happiest and most productive. A virtual workforce also reduces transportation CO2 emissions and reduces staffing costs for our clients. 

Actually DONE leverages our virtual professionals' skills​ to propel

positive impact organizations forward to improve the planet, one project at a time!​ 



Actually DONE would like to be known internationally as an on-going project resource for positive impact organizations and conscious businesses. We aim to drive our clients' organizations forward, while practicing servant leadership.


Over 100 sustainability, holistic health and personal growth organizations worldwide chose Actually DONE virtual professionals to complete their mission-critical projects.



#1 Honesty: Tell the whole truth, always, even if it's not comfortable.


#2 Reliability: Do what is promised, on time and provide frequent updates.

#3 Integrity: Uphold a high level of moral principles and kindness, regardless of potential negative business impacts.