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The Founder, Maitri Meyer, left the business world in 2000 to make her kids (then ages 2 & 5) her top life priority. Friends and colleagues started asking her to work on projects mostly communications, event planning and bookkeeping for the non-profit boards they were serving on "while the kids napped". A side business called, "Support Staff Solutions" grew solely via referrals, before the term "Virtual Assistant" was well known.

In 2005, both kids were in school most of the day, so Maitri returned to work part-time. In the Fall of 2008, she dove fully back in to the business world. Working the traditional 40+ hours/week and raising kids, she was forced to turn down most requests for project assistance for several years. The recession created some employment bumps that resulted in Maitri taking on side projects again on occasion.

In 2014,the company was renamed Actually DONE because so many told Maitri the former company name sounded too clerical for her level of expertise. Several clients exclaimed, "Wow, you actually get sh*t done!" Thus, Actually DONE was re-branded.

 "I love breaking down a complex project into manageable chunks, putting those tasks in priority order and cranking them out! That's when we start to see real progress." Maitri

If you want to get something done, we have "can do" professionals available as needed.  Let's do this.

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