Our Process


Often our clients don't know what they need help with! They just know they are overwhelmed, stuck in reactive mode and unable to plan for the future.  Our virtual professionals are also skilled consultants available to discuss not only your To Do' list, but also your organization's mission, strategic vision and short and long term goals. Tasks are grouped in to potential projects. Together, we prioritize and determine the best way to get them completed.


The most urgent projects are scoped out first and secondary projects are well documented for future scoping. We then provide a plan outlining the deliverables, timelines and most economical way to get them done. Flexible fee structures exist to meet the needs of our diverse clients.


This is when you relax and simply receive our information requests and weekly status updates! If at any time, you require a change of direction or new priority, please discuss with your professional.

Flexible Fee Structures


Five Options to Meet Your Needs

Let's discuss your project to determine the best way to get it Actually DONE!

1. Scope of Work

Your virtual professional provides a comprehensive scope of work document with deliverables, timelines and payment terms. 

2. Monthly Retainer

Minimum 3-month contract, payable monthly. Reserve your professional's time in increments of 10-40 hours per month. Effective hourly rate decreases with a  higher number of pre-booked hours.

3. Pre-Paid Packages

 Purchase 10, 25 or 50-hour bundles to be used anytime within 90 days. Effective hourly rate decreases with larger bundles. Extra hours are charged at the end of the month at the effective package rate. At the start of a new month, a new package must be purchased or the full hourly rate will be charged.

4. Hourly Rates

Each professional has their own hourly rate, depending on the services provided.

5. New Client Introductory Special

90-minute Needs Assessment:                               $97
Includes 60-minute call and documents created emailed to client.

Several clients have said, “I’m so overwhelmed, I don’t know what I need help with!”  Let’s figure it out together!  

During your Needs Assessment, your professional will:

  1. Get your to do list recorded
  2. Categorize it by on-going vs. one-time tasks
  3. Determine what can be  outsourced
  4. Create and prioritize projects
  5. Choose the optimal fee  structure to get the projects Actually DONE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the questions we hear most often:

  • What’s a Virtual Professional (VP)?

 A virtual professional is a professional in any field that does his/her work remotely, typically on an on-demand, independent contractor, freelancer, project basis.

  • How does Actually DONE chose its VPs?

Actually DONE partners only with virtual professionals with significant experience in their fields, excellent consulting skills, the get-it-done attitude of the most valued individual contributors and follow our core values 100% of the time.

  • What’s the difference between a Virtual Professional (VP)  and a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Most VA’s provide administrative support to take routine tasks off the plates of busy professionals. They can be hired via numerous online service providers typically for $6-$40/hour. A VP is a highly experienced, reliable professional with advanced skills. Our VP's consult, scope projects, recommend strategy and complete your on-demand mission-critical projects on time and on budget. VPs are an excellent solution when you have a skill or bandwidth gap in your organization.

  • How is a Virtual Professional (VP) different from a Consultant?

 Consultants typically gather information, make recommendations and document findings in a report. A VP both consults and executes on the strategy on a project basis until it’s completed.  If you have a trusted consultant, our VP's can complete the projects resulting from the consultant's recommendations.


  • The project we need help with is not in marketing, recruiting or project management... can you still do it?

Actually DONE has a network of professionals in diverse skill areas (business, IT, the arts and more.) Give us a call to discuss your project.  If we do not have someone in our network, we will help you recruit and screen a great vendor or employee.

  • Will you take on projects that are not for positive impact organizations or conscious businesses?

Although our mission is to propel organizations forward that believe in the triple bottom line, if you feel your project will improve the planet, we will evaluate it against our expertise, current workload and core values.